The Misprint Battle Box

A playable collecting project for Magic: the Gathering

The Misprint Battle Box (MBB) is a Magic: The Gathering play experience for two players. A battle box is a collection of cards that form a communal deck that players use. All of the cards needed to play are provided.

This battle box is unique in that contains only cards that have quality errors (misprints & miscuts) from the MtG printing factories.

This project was launched to with the intent of creating a self contained play environment of misprinted cards that can be shared with my friends and the collecting community.

The Misprint Battle Box has unique rules for the battle box format and unique rules for misprinted cards. To explain all of the rules with examples, I've created a Player's Companion.

The Player's Companion covers all the rules for the play experience.

The rules and the cards in the Misprint Battle Box come together to create a truly unique play experience for MtG fans.

Misprint Battle Box

The project goals for the MBB are:

  1. To make a playable museum of misprinted MtG cards
  2. To have something I can play with friends who don't have the resources to keep up an MtG collection
  3. Collect an example of every kind of misprint
  4. To create something unique in the world

Card List & Stats

A full list of the Box will be available shortly. Until then, here is a glimpse of what it contains.

Total number of cards: 456

White: ??

Blue: ??

Black: ??

Red: ??

Green: ??

Multi: ??

Colorless: ??


Part of the play experience of the MBB are the unique accessories that used. From the playmats to the dice to score keeping, the experience of playing a game has been curated with oddities and unique items from the history of MtG.

Custom playmats: Both 2 player and 1 player custom playmats have been made for use with the MBB

Dice: Official dice from the MtG Pro Tour

The MBB Promo Card

A promo card for the Misprint Battle Box is being created. This card will be given out to everyone who sits down and plays a game with me. I'll never share the image of the card and only those who possess one will know what it looks like.

I have designed the card and am currently commissioning the art. I'm hoping to have copies to give out in 2Q 2022.

Collecting Interests

Help me expand the project. Here are the things I'm actively looking to add more of in the Box:

If you have any misprinted or miscut cards that fit please reach out. I'd love to strike a deal.


Misprinted MTG is run by Jason Gitlin and is a great site for learning about misprints. There's lots of good content on this site. If you're new to misprints, check out the excellent Beginners Guide to Misprints.

MTG Misprints, Miscuts, Oddities, & Errors Buy/Sell/Trade BST

This Facebook Group is the best place to buy and sell misprints. The community here is friendly if you are looking for a place to ask questions. While other FB Groups exist for MtG Misprints, this is the one I enjoy spending time hunting in.

MTG Keyword Searchable Misprint Library and Marketplace

The MTG Keyword Searchable Misprint Library was founded by Kevin Gardner with the purpose of having a searchable gallery for misprints. Due to the tagging requirements for posts in this group, it's easy to find images for specific misprints. This FB group has a great community and is awesome for browsing images of cards.